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5 WV Vapor small businesses need your help in fighting the State of WV and aggressive and excessive taxation of  7.5 cents per mL of eliquid. Vaping is not a sin and sin taxes should not apply to those making a choice to switch to a safer alternative from cigarettes. The lives of thousands of vapor users depend on your support as excessive taxation and regulations are seeking to ruin this alternative to harmful cigarettes.

Help fight aggressive taxation policies enacted in West Virginia

byCJ Vapors

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West Virginia, United States (US)

CJ Vapors

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In 2016’s WV state legislature sessions West Virginia Vapors were dealt a hard blow on their safety and wallets. During normal session taxes against vaping were proposed alongside an increase in cigarette taxes to “fix” the states budget shortfall and overspending. A group of shop owners lobbied, fought and were able to remove it from the original bill. The bill died to be resurrected 3 more times in special sessions at the Governors request. Each time we fought again and again, but the final time it was rammed thru with behind the scenes agreements from both politic parties, the Governor and special interest groups. Here we sit with 7.5 cents per mL a year later crippling our industry in WV and the consumers ability to switch from cigarettes to a safer alternative of Vaping. The average consumer purchases between 30-120 ml’s of e-liquid a week costing them at least an additional $2.25 to $9.00 a week in taxation for choosing to rid themselves of harmful cigarettes. Five WV Vapor businesses (Ella Vape, Hazy Hollow, Vandalia Labs, Vape Escape & CJ Vapors) have stood up for the consumer and filed lawsuits against the State of West Virginia over this over reach. This has been an expensive proposition for these small businesses and we could use your help to continue the fight. We also formed the WVVC (West Virginia Vape Committee) and continued to educate and work with lawmakers this past year. We weren’t able to reach an agreement on the eliquid tax changes the committee had proposed so the lawsuits have continued! Please any support is appreciated as this not only affects vapors in WV this affects those across the country and those smokers who still have the chance to utilize this safer product in the future.


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