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Can Anybody help us?

Family Car totaled, need help as we do not have resources to replace

byJeremiah Martin

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Jeremiah Martin

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Jeremiah Martin
united states, United States (US)
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Let me start this off by saying that other than a few scratches, nobody was hurt.

I am coming here to see if i can find compassion and help from strangers to help our family in a situation that we are unfortunately facing.

This is our only vehicle. Both my wife and I work and this is our only transportation. While some will say that we can go to a car lot and buy another vehicle, I will say that a few years ago we lost everything after the economy turned and our credit went in the tank.

It is not for a lack of trying. I work a full time job for a landscaping company as well as a part time job on the weekends at a pizza place. Even though my wife is disabled she works part time as well answering phones at a local dentist office.

We have 3 children all under the age of 14, and this is something we have to deal with quickly. We do not need or want a luxury car; we are quite content with basic transportation so any help would be appreciated.


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