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Daughters of Divinity graphic novel by Rich Meltz

Daughters of Divinity


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First off I would like to say that Daughters of Divinity will always be Free to read and follow on our website once its up and running. What this RaiseTheFunding is for is to help build the right computer to help me produce high quality work in a timely fashion and to keep DoD running smoothly!

As of now the computer I own can not deal with the complex scenes and higher quality work that I am capable of, which is stalling work! This is my dream and I have no doubt in my mind that it will be successful with the help of RaiseTheFunding and all of you!


Daughters of Divinity Collectable Cards

The DoD collectable cards will be for sale on our website once we get rolling. They are made out of %100 plastic and are 3.5”×5.75” in size. Each card will have a character or scene on one side along with the card name and short sentence on the reverse side. Some DoD cards will be more rare then others and we will be releasing new cards all the time.

DoD cards are also rewards for helping fund this Campaign!

What do you get with the DoD cards?

Besides from collecting them, the DoD cards will allow you a chance to win Daughters of Divinity Schwag like shirts, hats, posters and so on.

A few times a month on our website we will release a randomly chosen combination of DoD cards (sort of like a lottery)  More info on the DoD cards will be released on our website.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the support, for helping spread the word and for helping my vision become a reality!

Come join our facebook group for more updates!!! DoD FACEBOOK GROUP


$10 - $49

1 DoD Card! You will receive in the mail 1 DoD Collectable Card!rnYour name will be posted on the DoD website in our Thank you page!

Oct, 2017

Estimated Delivery

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$50 or more

3 DoD Cards! You will receive in the mail 3 DoD Collectable Cards! rnYour name will be posted on the DoD website in our Thank you page!

Oct, 2017

Estimated Delivery

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