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Carli Kinch is going to nursing school!! Yayyy!!

Carli Kinch is going to nursing school!

byCindi Kinch

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FLorida, United States (US)

Cindi Kinch

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Cindi Kinch
FLorida, United States (US)
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You are looking at a miracle girl. 2 years ago Carli was having up to 60 seizures a day. She completed her junior year on a laptop in bed. Her first round of neurologists declared there was nothing they could do for her, as she was not responding to the anti-seizure medication and sent her away to see a psychiatrist. Carli and her mom didn’t take that as the final word and went down to all childrens hospital to pursue another opinion. It was from there the team of doctors found an abnormality in her pet scan and began preparing her for brain surgery.

Since she was a child she talked about being a nurse or doctor or possibly even a plastic surgeon. We never spoke the words out loud but the sudden epilepsy could have robbed her of her dreams completely.

In May of 2016 she underwent 3 brain surgeries and is declared free of epilepsy. She enrolled back in high school and graduated at the top of her class, she drives and is now enrolled and set to live out her dream of being in the medical field. We are so grateful. She applied for all the grants, loans and is eligible for the fafsa, however she is still 10K short funds for her college.

We wish to thank you in advance for reading this and we are humbled by any generosity you may share with Carli


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